MD’E was founded in 2001, in Castelnuovo Vomano, Central Italy and in the last 12 years has been engaged with contract manufacturing of dietary supplements. During this period, we spent time in developing production technologies in order to satisfy the market needs expressed by numerous customers; 
     Our company has dedicated  particular attention in obtaining  more and more innovative products  from a purely technological point of view and following the formulation of all legislative changes made by the Italian and European Governments.
     Over the time, and due to the changes in the growing market demand, we found that is necessary to expand production sites, creating two other companies: PNK and Sintal Dietetics. Together with MD’E, these two companies represent a holding, which gives the possibility to divide the types of production, both qualitative and quantitative, in terms of acquisition of materials and raw materials, allowing our customers to purchase significant amounts depending on the desired product.
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Innovation and technology are the driving force in the evolution in the production of Nutraceutical industry. In the last 12 years, our company has addressed the evolution of the food supplement market from regulatory and industrial point of view. Our philosophy relies on the technological and formulation development, and the assistance and flexibility we can offer to our clients. Quality in any aspect of the service is the basis of the brilliant success achieved in recent years.

our force

Marisa D'Elpidio
Finance & Administration

Pietra Loviglio
Human Resources

Eleonora Rizzi
Research & development