Research And Development

In order to respond to growing changes in the nutraceutical industry and the market offering more innovative products, it was necessary for us to implement the concept of “applied research” - the key that translates in terms of know-how and technological progress. The company management has always believed in the importance of the research in order to obtain and commercialize innovation.

For these reasons, in recent years, we have established collaborations with leading national and international universities that have been able to support the work of MD’E and its scientific credibility. These collaborations have been established and can be seen as a branch of the company in the academic world and vice-versa.

According to the recent law changes, we have established several research areas with a great importance, ranging from microbiology, analytical and pharmaceutical chemistry to clinical pharmacology. In order to support the production sector, research and development laboratories are presented, which support and enrich our company in the key sectors of food integration. In these laboratories formulation tests of new products, time stability testing of finished products (if and when necessary) and research work are carried out and compensated by the University when required.