Analytical chemistry and chemistry extraction labs

These labs represent a support for the ordinary work in terms of development and validation of new analytical method for vegetable raw materials, but not only. Other interesting raw materials are: oils, sweeteners, vitamins, FAME and nutraceuticals in general.


The main subject of research is the extractions of the most important pharmacological marker from vegetable raw materials with Naviglio extractor instrument. The aims of these extractions are to obtain dry extracts, enriched in a specific pharmacological marker and to reach the quality standards requested by our company.


The department of Chemistry extraction lab uses control equipment with high technological content in order to verify the content of concentrates and finished products in powder form and to define the industrial scale-up.


The staff of Chemistry extraction lab is dedicated to:

• Developing methods and quarrying
• Optimizing the methods of analysis
• Isolating active fractions from plant components
• Focusing and stabilizing the active fraction


The study areas of interest are the extraction of plants with:
• Neuro-active functions
• Functional anti-inflammatory activities
• Rebalancing in childhood obesity activities
• Balance of cardio-vascular system activities



Analytical-chemistry controls are performed too on raw materials and finished products by HPLC DAD-FLD, GC-MS, HPLC-MS-MS, ICP-MS.