Microbiology and Bio-fermentation labs

These labs were created 6 years ago to support the probiotics market sector which accounts for 30% of our market sales.


The qualified personnel is occupied on daily basis with:

• isolation and characterization of new bacteria with possible health benefits: several lactic acid bacteria for a private collection of the company were selected;

• isolation and characterization of metabolites with specific therapeutic applications;

• specialized control of bacterial taxonomy; moreover the laboratory is involved in the evolution of the taxonomy of all bacteria used in food supplements;

• optimization of fermentation processes to improve yields in biomass and metabolites: with the perspective of producing ourselves such strains (new lines of productions) the lab is optimizing the fermentation processes in order to increase biomass and  biomolecules yields at a lower costs;

• specialized support to customers' requests.


The main areas of interests are:

• Cardiovascular health.

• Weight management.

• Gastrointestinal homeostasis.

• Urinary tract well-being.

• Other  - based on the specific request.



The research and development group  of the  Microbiology and fermentation chemistry lab relies on partnerships with Local Authorities and Universities in order  to enhance the value of products projects.


A portion of microbiological quality control of contaminants are performed on raw materials and finished products and value of probiotics charges are performed daily in a dedicated area.