Finished products

Up to date more than 800 finished products have been made on behalf of nearly 100 companies which sell these products all over the world. Our strength is to customize each product according to the needs of each customer


Dosage forms:


Production facility

Our production capacity has been optimized to 2000 m2. Currently we operate on 3 production facilities. In order to respond to the market demands, the increasing production requirement in particularly reported by customers, and the increasing difficulty  to acquire  certain types of raw materials, we had established that our goal is to expand our production by the construction our 4th manufacturing plant. It is expected that the new facility should be operative by the end of 2014 and  will be used for:



Raw materials used for production

All raw materials acquired and controlled before production from microbiological and analytical standard point are properly stored in the warehouse or refrigerator, depending on the specifications listed on the certificate accompanying the goods and according to the principle of First on-First off will be used.


The main types of raw materials being used are:


Quality Control and Product Safety
The Company is equipped with a quality system that is respected throughout the supply chain and ensuring the safety and high quality of products. This quality system complies with the current legislation in the food industry sector (Reg. 852/2004) and is annually reviewed and implemented by a self-control  group and in collaboration with external consultants.

The personnel occupied with production processes is appropriately educated and trained so each unit is able to cover all operating needs as appropriately and necessary. The laboratories there is only high qualified personnel. Total workforce consists of approximately 54 units, of which 92 % are women.

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